Rosemarie Gabriella LOSCH (private). Parents: Hubert Charles LOSCH and Marie Elizabeth CONLON.

Spouse: Allan Charles AUDET. Children were: Phillip Charles AUDET, James Gerard AUDET, Jeffrey Lawrence AUDET, Patrick John AUDET.

Samantha LOSCH (private). Parents: Rev. H. Kenneth LOSCH and Cynthia .

Stephanie LOSCH (private). Parents: Rev. H. Kenneth LOSCH and Cynthia .

Susan LOSCH (private). Parents: Mathias LOSCH and Emma FECK.

Susan Marie LOSCH (private). Parents: Donald Hubert LOSCH and Mary Ann KASTRINOS.

Spouse: Christopher Allen BONO.

Trevor John LOSCH (private). Parents: John Paul LOSCH and Gail Delores LANG.

William (Bill) LOSCH (private). Parents: Mathias LOSCH and Emma FECK.

Spouse: Hazel P. HERMAN. Children were: William Stephen LOSCH Jr., Elizabeth (Betty) Ann LOSCH.

William S. LOSCH IV (private). Parents: Rev. H. Kenneth LOSCH and Cynthia .

William Stephen LOSCH Jr.2 was born on 30 October 1920 in Evanston, IL.43 He was baptized on 14 November 1920 in St. Jerome's Catholic Church.43 He was confirmed in 1932 in St. Margaret Mary's.43 William died on 12 October 1995 at the age of 74.2 He was buried on 16 October 1995 in Ridgewood Cemetery.2 Member of 14th Air Force (Flying Tigers Assoc.) and Local #5 Plasters Union. Parents: William (Bill) LOSCH and Hazel P. HERMAN.

Spouse: Linnea HALLIN. Children were: Rev. H. Kenneth LOSCH, Rev. William S. LOSCH III.

Gregory LOVERO (private).

Spouse: Noel Hope GOLDSMITH.

Elspeth Marie LUMSDEN (private).55

Spouse: Edward Donald LOSCH. Children were: Brian Edward LOSCH, Cameron Samuel LOSCH.

Heather LYON (private).

Spouse: Brian Wayne AUDETTE. Children were: Gabriel AUDETTE.

Anne MACCREADY (private).

Spouse: Marc Christian AUDET. Children were: Kaitlin Deanna AUDET, Bradley James AUDET.

Elizabeth MACMAHON was born in 1796 in Spancil Hill, Co. Clare, Eire.7 She died in Kilbeacanty, County Galway, Ireland.7

Spouse: Maurice CUSACK. Children were: Bridget CUSACK, Thomas CUSACK, CUSACK, Peter CUSACK.

John MACMAHON (private).

Spouse: Margaret HAVERTY. Children were: John MACMAHON, Mary MACMAHON.

John MACMAHON (private). Parents: John MACMAHON and Margaret HAVERTY.

Mary MACMAHON (private). Parents: John MACMAHON and Margaret HAVERTY.

Josephine MACOIT was born on 16 April 1905 in Michigan. She was christened on 14 May 1905 in Holy Redeemer, Detroit. She died in June 1982 at the age of 77 in Louisville, Ky. Parents: .

Spouse: Armand Maurice ODETTE. Josephine MACOIT and Armand Maurice ODETTE were married on 29 September 1925 in St. Francis Xavier, Ecorse, MI. Children were: Rosemary Josephine ODETTE, Frances Marilyn ODETTE, Michael Gerard ODETTE.

Pearl Maria Lillian MACOIT (private). Parents: .

Spouse: Louis Edgar Lloyd ODETTE.

Lydia MACOMMEAU (private).

Spouse: Arthur AUDET.

Charles M. MADDEN (private). Parents: Raymond MADDEN and Kate CULLEN.

Harry MADDEN (private). Parents: Raymond MADDEN and Kate CULLEN.

Joan MADDEN (private). Parents: Raymond MADDEN and Kate CULLEN.

Raymond MADDEN (private).

Spouse: Kate CULLEN. Children were: Joan MADDEN, Charles M. MADDEN, Harry MADDEN.

Claire Frances MADIGAN (private).

Spouse: James Thomas HAVERTY. Children were: Maura Ann HAVERTY, Kevin John HAVERTY.

Domitilde MAHEU (private).

Spouse: Jean TURCOTTE. Children were: Eugénie TURCOTTE.

Jean-Paul MAHEU (private).

Spouse: Françoise MEUNIER.

George MAHONEY (private).

Spouse: Margaret BYRNES.

François MAILLY was born about 1692.

Spouse: Madeleine DUFRESNE. Madeleine DUFRESNE and François MAILLY8 were married on 10 November 1727 in St-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada. Recorded by LaCetière 01-Oct-1727. Children were: Françoise MAILLY.

Françoise MAILLY (private). Parents: François MAILLY and Madeleine DUFRESNE.

Spouse: Pierre AUDET.

Barbara MALCOLM26 was born in 1857. She died in 1918 at the age of 61.

Spouse: James KENNY. Children were: Lucy KENNY.

Lawrence MALENE (private).

Spouse: Margaret CULLEN. Children were: Margaret MALENE.

Margaret MALENE (private). Parents: Lawrence MALENE and Margaret CULLEN.

Spouse: Drury SHEHAN.

Sarah Ann MALLOY was born in 1851 in 238 Houston St., New York, NY.7 She died on 14 July 1886 at the age of 35 in 285 Norfolk St., Boston, MA.7

Spouse: James William NORRIS. Sarah Ann MALLOY and James William NORRIS7 were married on 27 April 1876 in Hartford, CT. Children were: Geraldine Elizabeth Catherine NORRIS.

Beth Adella MANN (private). Parents: William Samuel MANN and Albina Jane AUDETTE.

Spouse: Mark Charles KEENE.

William Samuel MANN (private).

Spouse: Albina Jane AUDETTE. Children were: Beth Adella MANN.

François MANSEAU8 was born on 8 February 1678 in Québec, Canada. He was baptized on 9 February 1678 in Québec, Canada. Parents: Jacques MANSEAU and Marguerite LATOUCHE.

Spouse: Marguerite POULIOT. Marguerite POULIOT and François MANSEAU8 were married in 1706.

Jacques MANSEAU (private).

Spouse: Marguerite LATOUCHE. Children were: François MANSEAU, Marguerite MANSEAU.

Marguerite MANSEAU8 was born on 3 February 1683 in St-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada. She was baptized on 6 February 1683 in St-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada. Parents: Jacques MANSEAU and Marguerite LATOUCHE.

Spouse: Joseph GODBOUT. Children were: Geneviève GODBOUT.

Jeanne MARANDA (private).

Spouse: Jean BOILARD. Children were: Mathurin BOILARD.

Jack A. MARTIN (private).

Spouse: Carmen AUDET.

Alice Eleanor MASON was born about 1885 in Thomasville, GA.

Spouse: Henry Emerson BUTLER Sr.. Alice Eleanor MASON and Henry Emerson BUTLER Sr. were married in 1900 in Philadelphia, PA. Children were: Henry Emerson BUTLER Jr., Ph.D..

Catherine F. MASON (private).7 Parents: John MASON and Clara .

Spouse: Thomas TULLY Jr.. Children were: Clare Maria TULLY, Brigid Mary Joseph TULLY, Dolores Frances TULLY, Thomas Francis TULLY, Katrina Mary Presentina TULLY, Janette Rosalie TULLY.

John MASON (private).

Spouse: Clara . Children were: Catherine F. MASON.

Margurite MASSAULT (private).

Spouse: Paul Amable JETTÉ. Children were: Pierre JETTÉ.

Marie-Reine MATHIEW (private).

Spouse: Joseph JETTÉ. Children were: Francois-Xavier JETTÉ.

Chabot MATHURIN (private).

Spouse: Marie MÉSANGÉ. Children were: Marie-Louise CHABOT.

Aubrey Lane MATTORD (private). Parents: Michael MATTORD and Maureen Lynn ADAMS.

Michael MATTORD (private).

Spouse: Maureen Lynn ADAMS. Children were: Aubrey Lane MATTORD.

Marie Joseph(?) Celina MAURICE was born on 6 September 1859 in St. Joseph De Chambly, Quebec. She was christened on 7 September 1859. She died on 29 October 1947 at the age of 88 in Ecorse, MI. Marie was buried in Ecorse Cemetery.

Spouse: Eli Paschal ODETTE. Marie Joseph(?) Celina MAURICE and Eli Paschal ODETTE were married on 13 May 1879 in Ecorse, MI. Children were: Annie J. ODETTE, Alice E. ODETTE, Edna Mary Emma ODETTE, Henry Napoleon ODETTE, Frances Eva ODETTE, Louis Edgar Lloyd ODETTE, Stanley Raymond Eli O'DETTE, Evelyn Eugenia ODETTE, Aline Dorothy Celina ODETTE, Oscar Emmet Joseph ODETTE, Oswald Edmond ODETTE, John Elton ODETTE, Armand Maurice ODETTE.