Amy (private).

Spouse: Patrick Clyne BROPHY.

Ann (private).

Spouse: Bill SAWCHUCK.

Catherine (private).

Spouse: Martin HAVERTY. Children were: Helen HAVERTY, Mary HAVERTY, Joseph HAVERTY, Irene HAVERTY, Ann HAVERTY.

Cathryn was born in 1902.1 She died in 1982 at the age of 80.1 She was buried in 1982 in Maryhill Cemetery, Niles, IL.

Spouse: Henry LOSCH. Children were: Richard LOSCH, Robert LOSCH.

Charlotte (private). Parents: Frank and Barbara O'DAIR.

Clara (private).

Spouse: Marlin MCWHORTER. Children were: Marla MCWHORTER.

Clara (private).

Spouse: John MASON. Children were: Catherine F. MASON.

Cynthia (private).

Spouse: Rev. H. Kenneth LOSCH. Children were: William S. LOSCH IV, Jennifer LOSCH, Samantha LOSCH, Jonathan LOSCH, Stephanie LOSCH.

Dora (private).

Spouse: Alex SAWCHUCK.

Elise was born on 19 June 1911 in Standish, Arenac Co., Michigan.3

Spouse: Willard FORTIN. Elise and Willard FORTIN3 were married on 23 November 1929 in Visitation Churc, h, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan. Children were: Madonna Louise FORTIN.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Jay COOK. Children were: Henry Emerson BUTLER Sr..

Elspeth (private).

Spouse: Hugh Patrick HERMAN. Children were: Hazel P. HERMAN, Ethel HERMAN.

Emelie (private).

Spouse: Joseph PERDIAC.

Emelie (private).

Spouse: Hercule NEVEU. Children were: Hermaine NEVEU, Damasse NEVEU, Oscar NEVEU, Agna NEVEU, Elziar NEVEU, Aldea NEVEU.

Frank (private).

Spouse: Barbara O'DAIR. Children were: Charlotte , Rose .

Georgie (private).

Spouse: Eugene D. BOOTH. Children were: Clifton BOOTH.

Gertrude (private).

Spouse: Charles LOSCH.

Harry (private).

Spouse: Alice KEEGAN.

Hazel (private).

Spouse: Vincent LABELLE.

Helen (private).


Helen (private).

Spouse: David HAVERTY. Children were: Helen HAVERTY, David HAVERTY.

Inga (private).

Spouse: Richard LOSCH.

Joan (private).

Spouse: William John O'DAIR Jr.. Children were: Barbara O'DAIR, Ann O'DAIR.

Josephine (private).

Spouse: Charles PERDIAC.

Kennadie Nicole (private). Parents: Issac IVO and Chelsey Nicole MOTT.

Kim (private).

Spouse: Rodney Neil JETTÉ.

Leona (private).

Spouse: Lucien AUDET.

Lilian P. was born on 11 January 1900.4 She died on 19 April 1945 at the age of 45.5 She was buried in 1945 in St. Henry's Cemetery, Devon & Clark, Chicago, IL, USA.

Spouse: Charles LOSCH. Children were: Charles Jr. LOSCH.

Linda (private).

Spouse: John William O'DAIR.

Margaret (private).

Spouse: William J. MCGOVERN. Children were: William MCGOVERN Jr., Marjorie MCGOVERN, Collette MCGOVERN, Ruth MCGOVERN, Harold MCGOVERN.

Margo (private).

Spouse: William John O'DAIR Jr..

Mari (private).

Spouse: Alberte PERDIAC.

Mary (private).

Spouse: William Joseph O'DAIR Sr.. Children were: Kathleen O'DAIR, Edward O'DAIR, Mortimer O'DAIR, Danny O'DAIR, William John O'DAIR Sr..

Mary (private).

Spouse: Mr. MINOR. Children were: Marie MINOR.

Mary (private).

Spouse: Dr. Francis E. CULLEN. Children were: Francis CULLEN.

Mary A. was born in 1842.

Spouse: Patrick KEEGAN. Children were: Edward KEEGAN, Margaret KEEGAN, John KEEGAN, Elizabeth "Lizzie" KEEGAN, Mary KEEGAN, Alice KEEGAN, Thomas C. KEEGAN, Francis KEEGAN.

Mathew (private).

Spouse: Emma LAMBERT.

Nina (private).

Spouse: Vincent CULLEN.

Nola (private).

Spouse: Henry Manly BOOTH.

Rose (private). Parents: Frank and Barbara O'DAIR.

Sophonie was born about 1847.

Spouse: Touissant AUDET DIT LAPOINTE. Sophonie and Touissant AUDET DIT LAPOINTE were married in Boucherville, Chambly, Québec, Canada.

Stacy (private).

Spouse: Scott RUPERT.

UNKNOWN Parent of Joyce Gauvin (private). Parents: Yvonne AUDET.

Children were: Joyce "Eagle Cries" GAUVIN.

Tricia ABELES6 was born on 5 March 1969 in Evanston, IL, at Evanston Hospital. She graduated in May 1991 in Business,with a B.S.; major Finance, minor Real Estate from Indiana University School of Business.

Spouse: Robert Charles JETTÉ. Children were: Colin William JETTÉ, Dylan Jay JETTÉ, Chase Neil JETTÉ.

Christopher Michael ADAMS (private). Parents: Christopher Shawn ADAMS and Joyce WORRELL.

Christopher Shawn ADAMS (private). Parents: Robert ADAMS and Frances Marilyn ODETTE.

Spouse: Joyce WORRELL. Children were: Christopher Michael ADAMS, Lauren Rae ADAMS.

Jarrod Mitchell ADAMS (private). Parents: Robert ADAMS and Frances Marilyn ODETTE.

Kathleen Rosemary ADAMS (private). Parents: Robert ADAMS and Frances Marilyn ODETTE.

Spouse: Thomas PORTER. Children were: Rachel Elizabeth PORTER, Sean Thomas PORTER.

Lauren Rae ADAMS (private). Parents: Christopher Shawn ADAMS and Joyce WORRELL.

Maureen Lynn ADAMS (private). Parents: Robert ADAMS and Frances Marilyn ODETTE.

Spouse: Michael MATTORD. Children were: Aubrey Lane MATTORD.

Spouse: Charles COX.